Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look at me and my bad self...

So, I'm actually almost to tired to write, but I figured an update was in order. I am having a rip roarin' time this week. We have a new instructor, Anita, and she is a riot! We pretty much laugh our faces off from 10 to 4, its good times. This week I'm learning fun stuff like layering and face shaping and I LOVE it! Way more fun than Solid form. Though realistically, once we start cutting actually clients, we will be doing a combination of everything we've learned. Anyways, here is some pics of my Manny, Cleopatra, with some Face Shaping Increase Layers!

So ya, there she is. By the end of the week she will be very different though, with much more layers added in. Yay!

Well, I've got some kind of sickness...a sore throught...its icky...and it makes me tired. So I bid you an early Good Night.


  1. she looks great Nel! I knew you'd rock this!

  2. So are you ready to cut Moms hair? I really need one .. Haha...