Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm over it...

Month 4. Week 16. Day 78....Semester 2: Done and done.

Today was my written exam and practical assessment all rolled into one anxiety hairball. Not to worry, I passed both...woop, woop! Got 93% on the exam and 96% on the assessment. No big deal lol.
Ugh, but I am in torment! Because I am me (a perfectionist to a fault) I'm kicking myself that I didn't do better, especially since others got a higher mark on the assessment, oy...anyways, its over and I succeeded very well indeed.

So the verdict of the day is that, I like doing color because you can do really fun things with it, but it FREAKS me out!! Seriously, I am sure that I stopped breathing today when I had to figure out what I had to put on my models hair! There are so many things to consider, natural level, what tone to put on, highlights or lowlights, Shades or Mask, decolorizing or color ....never mind making sure you give the client exactly what they want and don't even get me started on formulating!! Its enough to give one a nervous break down, brain threatens to implode in protest! So the jury is still out on the whole color issue I guess.

Well, got to company is here so I must entertain.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Simple Satisfaction...

This pretty much sums it up.

I never thought I could love a little human so much but this little man has completely captured my heart. Tonight we got to play trains together, read Little Cars and Farm Words about 10 times.....each, giggled and laughed, then cuddled before I tucked his little body into bed. Pretty much the best way to finish my week!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I dont mind if you've got something nice to say about me...

I win! I win!

One of the incentives our teachers use to get us to learn, is giving out Free Hair Days. Normally we have to complete 2 Criteria (which basically means practising stuffs on our manican heads) or 1 criteria and 1 client before we can get our own hair done(cut, color, styled, etc). So, I won my FIRST Free Hair Day last week!!!

Here's the how. The challenge was presented to those that wanted to take it. Complete the below 2 hairstyles from the 1940s (the second two pics are the same hairstyle).

As a casual observer you may not realise how hard this is, but this stretched and pulled our brains every which way, and only 4 of ended up even completeing the task. I spent the better part of the day on it. I used a technique that is called Wet Setting.  It works how it sounds; style the hair when wet, using setting creams then put under a dryer. I used finger waves, rollers and skip waves to replicate the above. It was painstaking work, with many breaks to ease the frustration. But my hard work payed off!! I was finally ready to show my instructor. Well, she was instantly impressed! So much so that she grabs both mannequin heads and strutes off to show the other teachers!! I was so happy to know that I am doing something right, sometimes one just isn't sure.  So here is the finished product! Ta Da!

Monday, October 3, 2011

By personal request...

This ones for you Bananas!

I am told that I have been remiss in my blogger duties. I shall endeavor to improve,  since I have such a vast and loyal following.

It has been a diverting week; what with Mother being away, fashion shows and the endless drama between friends. Lets start with the fashion show, which was actually a Bridal Show so, you guessed it, the majority of the audience were blushing brides-to-be. What a total whirl wind of hyper activity, mass chaos and confusion that somehow, in the end, worked its self into a top notch production. It was prom dress shopping all over again but with wedding gowns! hehe....It was a total riot prancing up and down those runways looking gorgeous! How it happened (for those who are curious) is through a friend from school, Alexys (that's us together below). Her step mom knows the owner of a shop called Silk and White Satin,
who has been in these fashion shows for years....they needed more models so of course we had to help them out right? lol So anyways it was loads of excitement and hopefully we'll get to be a part of the spring show as well.

Now on to the mother being gone. For eleven days. Makes for many opportunities...for expand ones...skills?...responsibilities. Yes, it has been up to little ol me and little sissy Danae to make sure our papa is well cared for during the absence of our vastly gifted homemaker. We done laundry, made many suppers, well not so hard as it sounds on account that mum made a nice meal plan, plus we invited ourselves to be fed by Vanessa once, and Don Johnson another time. All in all we've survived pretty well I think. That's not even the biggest amazement! I come back from school on Saturday to find that my excellent Father has not only lent  a hand with the vacuuming but also had made a grocery run as well! Nothing will  shock me again. being that it is a late-ish hour, my eye lids are feeling a mite droopy plus my fingers have run out of words.
To all a good night.