Thursday, July 7, 2011

The show continues...

I learned yesterday in my homework that obstacles to staying productive are procrastination, perfectionism and not having a game plan. hmmm....well I score and A+ on all three of those so I guess I am not a very productive person, which would explain why I am almost 5 years out of high school and have only just chosen a career. But no matter, (I am also not allowed to be hard on myself, must be positive at all times!! lol) I am here now and after day 3 I am still pretty jazzed to be in this program. I don't even care that all I may be doing for 10 months is school, eating, homework and sleeping...I think once we start more practical work, we only get one day of theory (note taking/textbook reading) a week so that will be easier.
Back onto staying I was reading that over last night, it was like a spot light shone down on me, ah ha! Caught you! Yes I had just put something down in frustration and told myself "I'll do it tomorrow". Its all this paperwork for my student loans that is getting under my skin. I only had to complete one more task, one itty bitty thing...but my entire being rebelled at all that tiny fine print (you know the kind that's ALL over important official documents). I am a queen at procrastination. I want to stay I learned it at my jobs, but now that I think on it, I was like this in school too so, the blame is all on moi.......Getting to the point, I did it! I dragged my butt to Canada Post to verify that yes, I am a living breathing person residing at the noted address. Woot! Whew, it feels so good to have that done, I might just have a cookie...oh wait I already had 5, ugh.
So, little success aside, today was another full day for learning. I am now pretty skilled at a French Roll if i do say so myself. Can't wait to try it on a human now. My mannequin, Cleopatra, (I call her Cleopatra) is a stunning brunette who rarely says much but I just, like, know I am her go to stylist from now on. Today we learning parting. Yes parting. I learned that parting is very important for cutting. There is surprisingly a lot that goes into it, but I won't bore you with the details. Just know that I got a 'good' and a 'very good' from my instructor on my 4 and 5 section parting. Oh ya, can't touch this.
Thats alls I got for ya'll. Peace out.


  1. Janelle, you make me laugh!! I am so excited for you! Keep up the good work and some day you will be keeping all of us stylish...hahaha.

  2. you're kind of a dork and I love it. hehe, mostly your not though, you're just adorable and I'm so glad you are having fun. You better teach me the French roll, I've been wanting to learn it!