Monday, July 18, 2011

An explanation...

I suddenly realised that I have never really explained my blog title and that some might be confused about where this seemingly random title came from. The history is not so long or even that clever. Making a blog was an idea my sisters and I considered a few years ago. Our reasoning was that since we are as a whole incredibly hilarious and witty, we should be sharing this with the world! So in my quiet moments I began to consider some options....we never did make a blog but one day I suddenly realised that the first letter in our names put in order from oldest to youngest could make a word J.A.D. I added an E on the end to make Jade because.....well, I like just like the word and the colour lol. The 'Beat' I think originally came from the idea to use the word 'heartbeat' in part of a name. Shortening to just 'Beat' was clearly more catchy.
I began this blog just to try out Blogger with Google and didn't actually do much with it for almost a year. Then I acquired a job that gave me ample time in front of a computer so, with the encouragements of my sister Analea, an experienced blogger herself, I started the 'Behind the desk of boredom' series of random things I found online. When I was laid off from that job and began school, the name shortened to what it is now for lack of a better idea lol. So there you have it. Not very exciting, not very innovative, but hey that's me for ya....hehe jk ;).

And now for an update on the mystery of Hair Design! This week I cut hair for the very first time (actually I just realised this in untrue since I have cut my own bangs many times)! Since Thursday I have cut Cleopatra's (my mannequin) hair 4 times, whoa! Ya, I still have a looonng way to go. I learned a SOLID form haircut, which is basically a one length cut. I think next week we're doing layering but not sure yet. Friday I almost lost my mind with frustration. For some reason the instructors didn't communicate or something because they taught us two ways to cut the same SOLID form hairstyle....the second is what is causing my frustration. First cut was pretty great after one minor mistake, but I was feeling good about myself. Second time round comes along and suddenly I can't seem to cut the hair even!! Arrgh! I may simply be over thinking or trying to be too perfect, so I'm taking a deep breathe to be ready to plunge into it all again this week!

Update on the social class is getting along better and better. Some girls are closer than others. I find that I don't let people get too close right away though. I'm definitely more cautious whereas the others are diving in headfirst. I'm okay with it though, it only been 2 weeks!! Lol, we have another 9 months and 2 weeks to get to know each other. All in all its a really fun place to learn and be creative.

Oh! I have added a new PHOTO gallery page! This will be mostly hairstyles that I create and some other random moments thrown in there as well. I have also added new stuff to the Useless Knowledge page.

So until next time, au revoir!

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  1. Thanks for the history lesson on Jade, of course as your Mom I think it is great :)