Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I spy with my little eye...a giant raspberry statue..?

Okay, so it doesn't look exactly like this...but for a lack of a better photo, I thought this would pretty well give you a picture of what it could be like. All one has to do is drive down our beautiful freeway and they will encounter this astonishingly strange, but intriguing...piece of art? lol I will have to retrieve a photo of it, because no words can possibly describe it.

Anyways, moving on to the main reason I have written today after such a long time. The foremost reason being that...well I had nothing to write on, even random things were hard to come by...though there was that time about the sand castle....in any case here it is. I am now in school as most of you know. Today was, in fact, my very first day!! Woot.

So not much excitement happens on a first day...met my classmates; 11 girls in total. Lets see..can I get their names all right...Coral (she's from South Africa), Chloe, Bernadette (from Romania), Alexys (the American that has duel citizenship), Pamela (the youngest at 17), Alexandria, Kate, Josie...gah! what are the others......nope, don't got it. Obviously they were not as memorable hehe....

So we got talked to a lot, opened up our new kits...which was like Christmas!...then a lot more talking. I learned that these teachers mean some serious business. They are determined to make super star hairdressers out of us. Which is, you know, awesome! But whoa do I feel so incredibly overwhelmed! If the curriculum isn't enough...I know for certain that fitting in with this group of girls will be very difficult. They would be the ones that are the exact opposite of me. Most live with or have lived with their boyfriends, half of them smoke and have more than one tattoo...now I know that this is not how I should judge the situation but I felt very much out of place among these girls. My goal while I am at school is to focus of being the best I can be and making the most of the next 10 months. I do not want to get wrapped up in any drama or get so overwhelmed that I give up. So baby steps. One day at a time. Trusting God with every hour. This is the only way I will survive, for I know that this will be the hardest, most challenging thing I have done so far in my 22 years.

Thats all I have for now. I'm totally wiped out. My plan is to regal you with a lovely inside look at the glamour of hairdressing school, I know your stoked. Until next time, ciao!


  1. aww Nel you're gonna do great. What an awesome challenge for you and mission field where you can simply live by example! Just remember, it's good to feel out of place in a situation like that! Shine for Jesus Sis!

  2. Hey Janelle, you are going to do great. I loved how happy you were last night after your first day. God gives us so much and now you have the chance to give back...but not alone remember He is with you always and will give you the words to say and the ways to love on these girls.