Monday, August 8, 2011

Vomiting through the nose is a decidedly unpleasant experience...

That was me, last night at 12:30am. I suddenly woke up feeling extremely nauseous, with my room tilting around me. After waiting a short while to see if it would go away, I decided to take some gravel and melatonin to help me relax. Before they even reached my stomach I was over the toilette puking my guts out (it literally felt like it). I know, ew. Anyways once that episode was over I felt much revived and slept like a baby the rest of the night. I'm thinking it was food poisoning. Danae and I went out to Pizza Hut for wings last night before our movie and she felt ill during the night as well. Problem solved.
Speaking of Danae, she has very willingly become my practise model in my adventures with hair. This time I put my new skills with the round brush blow dry to work and voila! Instant celebrity hairstyle!!

To make the curls stronger I 'set' them using pin curls.

Finished product. Ain't she a hottie?

This was only one of the styling techniques I learned. You can do the same style using a medium to large curling iron as well (I will be trying this style on myself tomorrow hehe). I also learned to do finger waves and skip waves. The story is that most people cry when trying this since its so difficult. I determined to not be one of those people. I succeeded in not getting frustrated, letting myself try to do it perfectly the first time was a key factor in this success. So that behind me we start cutting again this week. My assessment (first cut on a real human) is in two weeks!!! Ahhhm, must. not. think about it.

Well that's all folks! Stay tuned :)

Jade Beat, Over and Out.


  1. ahhh, I don't know what to compliment first! My amazingly beautiful model of a lil sis or my fabulously talented artist of a big sis!!! GOOD JOB NEL!

  2. hottness all around.. that's all i have to say.

  3. Janelle you are amazing and doing so well at school! Danae is in for a fun year being your model.