Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm over it...

Month 4. Week 16. Day 78....Semester 2: Done and done.

Today was my written exam and practical assessment all rolled into one anxiety hairball. Not to worry, I passed both...woop, woop! Got 93% on the exam and 96% on the assessment. No big deal lol.
Ugh, but I am in torment! Because I am me (a perfectionist to a fault) I'm kicking myself that I didn't do better, especially since others got a higher mark on the assessment, oy...anyways, its over and I succeeded very well indeed.

So the verdict of the day is that, I like doing color because you can do really fun things with it, but it FREAKS me out!! Seriously, I am sure that I stopped breathing today when I had to figure out what I had to put on my models hair! There are so many things to consider, natural level, what tone to put on, highlights or lowlights, Shades or Mask, decolorizing or color ....never mind making sure you give the client exactly what they want and don't even get me started on formulating!! Its enough to give one a nervous break down, brain threatens to implode in protest! So the jury is still out on the whole color issue I guess.

Well, got to company is here so I must entertain.

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  1. Nell stop it you did a great job on your model and she loves it and that is all that matters. Please breathe when you color next time it helps with the whole oxygen thing.....that let's you think :)