Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I dont mind if you've got something nice to say about me...

I win! I win!

One of the incentives our teachers use to get us to learn, is giving out Free Hair Days. Normally we have to complete 2 Criteria (which basically means practising stuffs on our manican heads) or 1 criteria and 1 client before we can get our own hair done(cut, color, styled, etc). So, I won my FIRST Free Hair Day last week!!!

Here's the how. The challenge was presented to those that wanted to take it. Complete the below 2 hairstyles from the 1940s (the second two pics are the same hairstyle).

As a casual observer you may not realise how hard this is, but this stretched and pulled our brains every which way, and only 4 of ended up even completeing the task. I spent the better part of the day on it. I used a technique that is called Wet Setting.  It works how it sounds; style the hair when wet, using setting creams then put under a dryer. I used finger waves, rollers and skip waves to replicate the above. It was painstaking work, with many breaks to ease the frustration. But my hard work payed off!! I was finally ready to show my instructor. Well, she was instantly impressed! So much so that she grabs both mannequin heads and strutes off to show the other teachers!! I was so happy to know that I am doing something right, sometimes one just isn't sure.  So here is the finished product! Ta Da!

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  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! You did fantastic Nel!!! Seriously, I KNEW you'd be awesome at this. and dude. I am SO stoked for you to do 40s styles on my head!! You know how long I've wanted Anne of Green Gables hair!!?! hahaha