Sunday, November 20, 2011

Healing or Heaven, its a win win!

The thoughts of my dear Uncle Dave who, at this time last year, passed away after struggling with ALS for 5 years. My sisters and I wrote this poem after he died and read it together at his memorial.

Say Hi to Jesus for Me...

You changed the world
One piece of grace at a time
In humility you lived
And all who came into your life felt peace
Giving God the Glory
You shone incandescently into the dark corners
Of the souls around you
You continually gave of yourself
You listened, ever accepting
and loving us unconditionally

He called your name and brought you home
Running into His waiting arms
You can rest peacefully in His embrace,
Completely free from all pain and torment
Your eyes shining with the love of the Savior
grinning from ear to ear with endless Joy

I'm imagining what it’s like in heaven
The Son pouring out light in the eternal world
Colours like never before fill your eyes
Brilliant cascades of golden light, crystal blues
and tender green grass beneath your toes
You are filled with strength, brand new
so childlike as you dance in His everlasting love

I bet you never sleep
'cause your too busy singing hallelujah,
Worshipping with the angels around the throne
I bet your doing the things you love,
Like skiing out on a pristine lake
or riding that snowmobile for all its worth
laughing out loud at nothing in particular

I'll hold onto the memory of the way
your smile lit up your eyes
the way your laugh was so contagious
and the way you loved God and your family
was special beyond words
You changed my world
Thank you for being you
Oh, and say hi to Jesus for me

I never really got to tell you all the things
you meant to me
Every gesture, every word that spoke of your character
You were such an example
Your grace and forgiveness and joy
Were not of this world
and I know God blessed you with those gifts

I miss your laughter but I know your laughing now
I miss your smiles
but I know they never leave your face
I miss your awesome cooking
but I know now you're at God's table
I miss your birthday phone calls
but I know I will hear your voice again someday. 
Thank you for never giving up
Thank you for your strength
Thank you for accepting me in my weakness
For loving me across the distances

I'm sorry I wasn't there
I wish I could have hugged you one last time
I can't wait to see you again
I love you
oh, and say hi to Jesus for me.

There is a verse is the Bible
It commands us to live like the one who sent us

To live like Jesus

I knew it meant to love my neighbour
I knew it meant to hold my tongue
And I knew it meant to have an honest heart

But I didn't know the humility it demanded
Until I saw it in your eyes.
I didn't know the patience it taught
Until I watched you live everyday.
And I didn't know the strength it gave
Until I saw Him carrying you.

And now even more than living like him
You've seen his face, and beheld his glory.
You've seen the hands that crafted the mountains,
and painted the sunsets.
And I'm pretty sure this was worth the wait.

So thank you for living a life well lived,
When even the strongest would have given up
And thanks for your love and your smile
And thanks most of all for showing me Jesus
oh, and say hi to Him for me


     Janelle, Analea and Danae

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