Thursday, May 5, 2011

I will perfect this...

I am on a mission to be the master of Cheesecakes. Ihave discovered recently that this is a rather deceptively easy dessert to create, with endless opportunities (muhaha). The ingredients aren't much and don't require special talent or technique. No, the devil is in the baking. I am stuck. All my cakes (I've worked on/helped with 3 so far) have come out with cracks! This is just getting annoying now. Though I did learn a trick to get rid of small cracks and uneven sides, I now have cracks and it sunk (insert pouty face)! I am determined to show this cake who's boss!

Enter our White Chocolate Raspberry cake. Don't it look just lovely? It's not finished yet but I thought it looked so pretty with all the swirls...sadly it is VERY cracked and looks not so good all sunk in. So, the lovely marble affect will have to be covered up. But, don't be too sad Self, because I have a master plan to fill in the top with a delicious raspberry glaze! Yum.

Have I mentioned how much I love Google?? (probly have, since it is one of the instigators of my blog)...anyways, to solve my cracking and sinking problem I have done some research. Turns out there's loads of advice right at my figure tips! Goodbye lame and sad, here comes perfect and beautiful!

Ta Da! The finished product. Not too bad if I do say so myself! :)


  1. Sweetheart - bake all your cheesecakes in a water bath and let them cool completely before removing the pan. Use parchment paper around the side of your springform and you won't have to worry about anything :)They're not deceptive - just easy, lol.

  2. You are so funny, Janelle, for a girl who doesn't even like cheesecake you are putting a huge effort to making them delicious and beautiful!!
    The White Choc. Raspbery cheesecake tastes amazing :) and beautiful as well...maybe you should apply for a job at After Thoughts...they could use your new skills!!

  3. you are so cuuuuute!!!!!!! you don't even like cheesecake!!!! OMG! (for oh my goodness)
    who is eating these delicious creations!!!!?
    BTW how did you create this amazing blog? I'm
    soooo jealous (insert bawling face), way more
    drama, cause that's who I am lol