Monday, May 2, 2011

Everything is better with...

It has been said (on a favourite dairy farm sign) that "everything is better with ice cream". I am of the opinion that this is a very correct statement, especially when it comes to Edaleen Dairy's ice cream!
Upon extensive thought and serious research, (cough, cough) I have also come to the conclusion the everything is better with....a hat. Yes my friends, take your pick! Doesn't matter what your style is, straw or, felt, western or french....any one will do as long as you own it with all you got! I have my sights on the straw Fedora beach hat. I have admired this small brimmed number from afar, never believing my dreams of owning one would ever be fulfilled. Now, I have three. He he, those who know me will simply shake their head and smile at this, but the third purchase was fully my mothers fault, lol.

I am stubbornly devoted to these hats, and I will wear them all summer! Ha! I am determined to convince all non-hat people that if you have the will, anyone can be a hat person! I was once one of those melancholy folk, but I have seen the futility of waiting for satisfaction, and decided to grasp my chance at this new fangled fashion! Both adorable and practical.Add Image So I hope you have discovered a new appreciation for hats and I do not actually care if you haven't, so moving on to bigger and better things like...

Voting! Have you voted yet? I voted for that Marksist-Lenniest person......JK!! I'm a conservative all the way man! Fist pump! GO VOTE.


  1. Hey...uh...three Nel? was that necessary? haha

    I have a feeling, after the royal wedding, the hats are gonna be even more popular...and probably even more ridiculous.

  2. Hey, why is the third hat MY fault???

    I just confirmed to you that you looked great and to buy it...we needed to get home!!

    Anyway Ashan says everyone loves your hat so you did the right thing :)