Monday, April 4, 2011

Sometimes little surprises aren't fun...

Aaahhhkkkk!! There was a spider in the candy dish this morning!! I was about to refill it and then I saw a fluff or something and went to remove it went it MOVED!! I almost freaked, but I couldn't because I had just answered the phone, so I was forced to swallow my squeal of fright which caused my whole body to shudder and twitch with a case of serious hebegebes. Fun fact, when I googled 'hebigebis' (which i did to get the right spelling for the above feeling), it found this "What Does the Hebegebes mean? by ChaCha Answers" Definition: The heebie jeebies is a feeling of minor fright, anxiety, nervousness or apprehension. So I thought that was pretty great and proved that you can find everything on Google! lol Did you know that yesterday was apparently (according to Google) the Ice Cream Sundae's 119th Birthday? To celebrate accordingly, our family brought out the ice cream with all the trimmings (bananas, chocolate, pecans, syrup, strawberry's, etc) and had sundae's on Sunday on the Sundae's birthday. Yes they were delicious, thanks for asking. Now I'm at work and though the phones are pretty busy, I can't seem to get Sundae's off the brain. So, I googled. One would never think such a debate surrounded this delightful little dish! Did you know there were legal battles between two cities over the claim to the first sundae? Ya, for serious! Two Rivers, Wisconsin claims the first sundae was served by accident in 1881 while Ithaca, New York claims to be the birthplace in 1892. Both have similar stories in my opinion. Apparently back then it was "unrighteous" to have ice cream sodas and the clergy actually preached against what they called "sucking soda" on the Sabbath. I'm not even kidding! So to compromise, on Sundays, a person would simply have a bowl of ice cream. In both cities, the owner of the Ice Cream parlor or one of their friends spontaneously suggested putting chocolate syrup over the ice cream to mix it up a bit and voila! The special Sunday only treat become a favourite of both young and old. Shopkeepers even decided to sell it in the weekdays as the demand for the confection became insistent. The official name came when a glassware salesman placed an order for the canoe-shaped dishes under 'Sundae dishes'. Thus was born the ICE CREAM SUNDAE we are so fond of today. I could write more details, and describe a rather hilarious but legit letter from Two Rivers' City Council formally challenging Ithaca, New York's claim to be the 'Birthplace of the Ice Cream Sundae' but I grow weary of typing, I leave it to you to read for yourself if you so desire. Click here for the website.


  1. Ha,ha,ha...that was great. Thanks Janelle, I am learning many random facts reading this blog!! I love it and think it is a wonderful blog..keep it up.


  2. hehe, pretty hilarious. I knew this was a good idea for you!