Thursday, April 14, 2011

It may seem common knowledge...

So, the other day one who will remain unnamed suggested to me that pizza did not in fact come from Italy, but Mexico. Well, this seemed slightly absurd to me so I decided to look it up. Enter Google! ....well we can all be relieved that I could find no reference about pizza originating in Mexico, and that the most consistant evidence is that pizza did originate in Italy as a flat bread, mostly eaten by peasants, with tomatos and cheese. (ha! so there 'one who will remain unamed'!) Then along comes the King of Italy and his wife Margherita of Savoy. Now the story gets rather fuzzy here, as each website seems to have their own twist. Some say the King would disguise himself as a commoner so that he could sneak in the poor neighborhood of Naples to 'sink his teeth into a food the queen banned from the royal court', others say the King and Queen were on a tour of the country, and the Queen enjoyed the pizza treat so much she had chef Rafaelle Esposito summoned to make a selection of pizzas for her. Esposito decideds to honour the queen with a patriotic pizza topped with red tomatos, green basil leaves and white mozerella cheese to represent the Italian flag, thus naming it Pizza Margherita, which is still popular in Italy to this day.

Now that is just one of the stories on the origins. I read that pizza could have gone all the way back to the Roman times! But I will choose to say that it came from and was perfected by Italy... maybe Greece too. Here are the sites I used: Wikepedia and YourDictionary

Hope you were enlightened :)

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  1. hmmmm, I thought so, some people here were saying it was from the US originally!!! or... maybe that was spaghetti...which also I might add did not come from the US (I just Googled it!)