Wednesday, March 23, 2011

for lack of anything better...

Alrighty! The much anticipated 2nd post! lol (this ones all for you bananas)

So I have a bit of tragic news. My lovely Starbucks mug has been stolen! Yes, stolen. I left it at church two weeks ago and for multiple reasons, one of which was just plain laziness, I hadn't gone back to find it until this Monday. It was much to my dismay to discover that it was not only not in the Lost and Found, but to find out that it had been there at one point (information secured by the church facility guy, so nice that he remembered my dear mug) and was in fact most likely taken by the less reputable folk that frequent the church and apparently like to go shopping in the church Lost and Found. If only I had come sooner! So, after a brief grieving period of about...2 mins, I zipped off to Starbucks to purchase myself another!! It is most unsettling to not have a trusty mug for ones morning coffee, I know someone understands me.....well maybe I'm just weird then, ah well.
So as luck would have it, low and behold there was an equally beautiful mug at Starbucks to replace the old one. I am very pleased with the outcome of this minor tragedy.
Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with behind the desk....I will tell you. As an avid coffee drinker should understand, ones mug is stuck like glue to ones hand until the drink is consumed (quite the phenomenon I know :P). So I have my mug beside me as go about my morning routine of checking emails, mailing letters...writing my blog, chatting with my co-workers...this new one will have to learn the ropes but I'm positive it will do alright.
Speaking of co-workers, I have to give props to Mr. Roly Patrick who very kindly improved my rather foul mood yesterday morning. This video definitely aided him in this, though I really had no idea what it was at the time, somehow watching Kermit the frog at 8 in the morning tickled my brain. Check it out: Danny Boy


  1. bahahaha wow. That was painful (Danny Boy, not the post haha)

  2. okay so a comment about your unnecessary knowledge:
    - apparently the coach roach then dies of dehydration
    - Kings in the deck of cards is super awesome
    - what if the crocodile was like clamping down on your arms/hands/in a way that you couldn't reach it's eyes...this would make a possible way of escape pretty much obsolete...

  3. Mom,here...I am reading this wondering who these girls are!!! Really.... LOL

    Love you, Janelle, you make me smile :)

  4. Totally understand the grief over your lost mug. Mine however finally just died from much use and abuse....but very special and hard to let it go. lol.
    Glad u found a new one.